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Facebook, we need to talk.

Who am I? I’m your accidental catch, the guppy you snagged while trolling for hate groups. Listen, I’m glad that you’re finally dealing with the scads of bad actors who use you to meet and plot, but this little fish is here to tell you your method ain’t foolproof.

I have this blog, see, where I write humor and post memes on LGBTQ subjects. But instead of visiting the General Gayety blog itself, most of my fans prefer to interact with General Gayety’s Facebook page. …

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What can get an eight-year-old girl expelled from school? Hurling Play-Doh at the teacher? Stepping on the guinea pig? Eating everyone’s gumdrop structures?

At Rejoice Christian Schools in Owasso, Okla., a second-grader named Chloe was banished after telling a female classmate on the playground that she had a crush on her.

The vice principal called Chloe to her office and informed her the Bible says that women can only marry men. When Chloe got home, said her mother, she cried and asked, “Does God still love me?”

You can shed some tears yourself if you need to. I’ll wait.


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Scott Lively, a devoted anti-gay activist for decades, knows why Donald Trump lost the 2020 election to Joe Biden.

On a recent radio show, Lively said Trump, an otherwise fine president, messed up in one area. “He defied God on a fundamental tenet of the Bible and never repented of it,” claimed Lively.

Which tenet? Adultery? Piety? Coveting gold toilets?

“If Donald Trump was, as I believe, God’s man in the White House for four years, why did God not preserve it?” asked Lively. …

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Poor Mike Pence.

(Now there’s a sentence this queer never thought she’d write.)

For four years he’s been the oligarch of obsequiousness, the baron of brown-nosing, the Pharaoh of Pfawning. And where has all that toadying to Trump gotten him?

Last week his boss pressured him in person, in speeches and on Twitter to steal the election. Then, as Pence fulfilled his constitutionally mandated role to oversee the counting of the Electoral votes, a mob Trump had whipped up stormed the Capitol, and Pence himself had to flee. Incredibly, rioters chanted, “Hang Mike Pence!”

Is that gratitude? Four years of…

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Lest you think it’s just American evangelical pastors who vilify gays one second and sleep with them the next, get a load of Hungarian politician József Szájer.

A high-ranking member of the ruling right-wing Fidesz Party, Szájer represented it in the European Parliament. When Hungary revised its constitution in 2011, it was Szájer who happily crafted the ban on same-sex marriage.

Married to a woman and secure in his anti-queer credentials, Szájer was recently caught in Brussels at an orgy of 25 men.

Clearly not a fellow who does things halfway.

Police raided the event for violating Belgium’s COVID-19 rules…

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A co-worker began our day this morning by saying she had news for me. Her daughter, a college sophomore, came out as bisexual.

Her daughter accomplished this by baking a cake and literally spelling out the revelation in icing.

Better she than I. Given my wobbly way with decorating, my effort would look like “I’m bisected.”

My colleague and her husband seemed to handle the situation well, assuring their daughter they loved her and this wasn’t a problem. Today at work, she insisted with a laugh, she wants the handbook.

I didn’t have one with me, but I did stress…

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As states grapple with skyrocketing coronavirus numbers, officials are taking steps. Dr. Rachel Levine, Pennsylvania’s Secretary of Health, expanded the state’s mask requirements.

Which gave conspiracy theorist Rick Wiles a chance to go on a transphobic rant for the ages.

To be fair, Wiles is notoriously homophobic and anti-semitic, so how could he be expected to pass up a chance to savage an openly transgender Jew? Come now.

On his internet “TruNews” show, Wiles whined, “That’s a man in a dress. You’re mentally ill, Dr. Levine. You’re mentally ill, and no normal person should listen to you. You need mental…

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When it comes to American publications this election season, precedent is falling faster than Mike Pence’s aides can contract COVID.

For the first time in its nearly 100-year history, Time magazine replaced its cover logo with the word “VOTE.” Time’s editor-in-chief explained this was to mark the historic moment, “arguably as consequential a decision as any of us has ever made at the ballot box.”

Of all the four-letter words the editors could’ve chosen to replace “Time,” methinks “vote” is certainly the most benign.

The New England Journal of Medicine, around for over two centuries, has never taken sides in…

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In a documentary that premiered yesterday, Pope Francis endorsed civil unions for same-sex couples, making him the first pontiff ever to do so.

His rigid predecessor, Pope Benedict XVI, would be turning in his grave, if he weren’t still alive.

It’s going to be fascinating to watch what happens now within the Catholic Church. After all, church doctrine holds that homosexual acts are “intrinsically disordered.” Gay people are to be treated with respect, but that respect “cannot lead in any way to approval of homosexual behavior or to legal recognition of homosexual unions.”

Maybe Pope Francis will simply say he…

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